14 Jan

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Pink Moon

Hello there dearies!

Sorry for the lack of updates last week! To be honest I had been too lazy to finish this picture but its time to get back into the swing of things!

This illustration has a little more detail in the clothing than I normally like to do, and I think my clothing needs more detail, I normally get quite intimidated and rush it, but I like how this turned out.

Let me know if you like!



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14 Jan

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English: Taken at the 2009 Consumer electronic...

English: Taken at the 2009 Consumer electronics show, Las Vegas, at the Samsung Booth.
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

By Drew Clark – Today, broadband is the driver for almost all of today’s digital technologies. Of the hundreds of examples of digital technologies that I experienced last week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, I cannot recall a single one of them that wasn’t broadband-enabled.

Here’ the top 10 issues for 2013:

  1. Data Caps for Wireless Broadband, the Spectrum Crunch, and Wireless Home Networking
  2. How Will FirstNET Improve Public Safety Communications?
  3. Smart Cars, Data Sensors, and Machine-to-Machine Communications: What’s Coming Up this Year
  4. Becoming a Gigabit Nation: What Have we Learned About Ultra-High Speed from Google, Comcast, Verizon and Others?
  5. Global and Mobile: How Wireless Broadband Spurs Economic Development
  6. Smart Energy: Broadband and the Green Revolution
  7. Over the Top: Broadband Video Challenges Cable and Broadcast Programming
  8. Mobile Health:…

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14 Jan

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1759287325906430_mog9bpdo_c It’s almost the end of the world year, and that can only mean one thing: lists. We make lists to commemorate the end of a crappy year, and then we make new ones to overload ourselves with selfish hopes for a new one. I for one, love this tradition, and plan on sharing my morsels of self-loathing with you!

2012 was no highlight of my life; I didn’t achieve a coveted trophy or pop out a baby. My year consisted mostly of dieting, dating, and then a long dry stretch of celibacy which included learning how to cook. I didn’t learn how to “act like a boss”, though I did finish Mass Effect 3 five times before realizing that freewill is a lie, and that the ending will never ever ever change.

I could use this opportunity to toot my own horn, but what fun would that be? It is the…

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14 Jan

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The author of this post has asked to remain anonymous; she wrote it in response to Nikki McWatters’s piece, Predatory Teenage Girls“, in the Huffington Post 

When I was 15, like many teenage girls I had crushes. Not just sexual urges toward people, but platonic or intellectual ones as well. There were lolitaseveral girls in my school who I had a major crush on in that I wanted to be like them or at least inhabit their social sphere. They were the total opposite to me. They were attractive, socially adept, smart, but not scarily so, well dressed, had proper grown up bodies, not like mine which had the puppy fat of puberty but nothing as powerful as tits. They also seemed to be able to de-code adult things like which bands were right to like or what slang terms meant or how to tell if a boy…

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14 Jan

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I’m not a big fan of bumper stickers.  I find it odd that people want to display their political sentiments on a used Honda for the world to see.  I find it annoying to have to stare at hateful words about our President at the stoplight in front of the grocery store.  And I’m amazed so many people put stick-figure families on their mini-vans to display how many people and pets live in their households.  Yes, yes. Michael plays soccer.  You have a cat.  Riveting stuff.

My own daughter asked that her school name be displayed on the back of our Chevy Tahoe.  But do you think given my poor driving and bad texting habit I want to announce what school we’re affiliated with and have people stare into the car from afar to see if they know me? You don’t know me.  I’m likely to run into you from…

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14 Jan

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POSTED FEBRUARY 22, 2012   10:40 am


ALEXIS DESCRIBES HERSELF AS A NEWS “ANCHOR”… (Alexis as a news “anchor”… here.)


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14 Jan

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Earlier this month — could it have even been the last day of last year? — my mama and I were featured on the Facebook page of My Pit Bull is Family, a very popular organization that promotes the image of dogs like me and the ‘Bug as dogs like me and the ‘Bug (that is, as normal family dogs). The message was clear: “2013 Resolution: FOSTER. Before, as, and after you party tonight, think about a gift you can give this year that will save a life and bring you boundless love in return.” And this mandate was followed by this photo of my mama and me goofing off, and a little snippet of our story together and how we started fostering dogs.

Only the thing is, we’re not fostering anymore — at least, not right now. We fostered and fostered and fostered all the way up until…

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